Music Therapy vs 

Music Education/Lessons

Music therapy is the use of music to attain non-musical goals.  Music is the medium or the tool used to facilitate a change. 

Music education is used to learn to play an instrument or to learn to sing.

Though music is a common denominator, music therapy falls under a "health" or "therapeutic" bracket and music education is under an "education" heading.  When a music therapist works in a special education program, the purpose of MT is to acheive educational goals, but not to teach the child a musical skill.

The goal of adapted music lessons is to teach disabled individuals to play an instrument.  A music therapist is a great option to teach adapted lessons as they have a more complete knowledge of a variety of diagnoses.  A music therapist will adapt the lesson plan to meet the specific needs of the student and work within his/her ability level. 

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