Music Therapy Services

    Sessions, Group or Individual: on a one-time or ongoing basis. 
School district or medical setting: the assessment will set a session frequency as needed to meet student's/patient's educational or medical goals.
Private setting: Omaha Music Therapy LLC will work with the client to set a frequency that meets his/her goals and works within financial needs.

    Presentation for your group.  If you are looking for a speaker to educate about music therapy,                 music  and relaxation, the benefits of singing, and/or using music with your clients, please give             us a call.  Typically, my presentations are 45-60 minutes.  It might be just what you're looking             for to enhance your training.  

    Virtual Music Therapy for your individual or group.  If you would like to try music therapy online               (via Zoom, Skype or other platform), we would like to hear from you.  Usually we will want to                visit in person, if possible, to do an initial assessment.  Let's work together to see if we can                   serve you!   

    Preschool music groups serve classes of up to 18 students in a fun and vibrant mix of music,                  dance, and instruments, while learning preschool academic skills.  We bring everything with us,           so all you need to do is provide the room.  We usually do 30-40 minute groups either monthly              or weekly.  Please let us know how we can enhance what you are doing in your program.   

    Consultation for development of a music therapy program in a facility, company or school. 
If you are interested in starting a music therapy program at your facility, we would be happy to speak with you.  If you are a parent of a student in a school district that does not currently have music therapy, you have the right to ask for a music therapy assessment.  There is federal funding available to pay for music therapy in schools. 

    Assessment of an individual to determine if music therapy would be clinically or educationally                  beneficial.

    Documentation: written in a clinical or educational setting for medical charts or Individual Education           Programs.

Evaluation is usually ongoing in order to continually assess the needs of the client.

Please remember that Music Therapy is deductible on your taxes!  


    Nursing home, hospital, or facility on a one time or regular basis.  If you are looking for a quality               and experienced musician to perform live music for your group of 12 or more, please let us                   know.  We play a variety of genres and eras.  We would be happy to speak with you to find what            works best for your community.

    Funerals and Memorial services are greatly enhanced with live music.  We are able to consult on               song selection and perform a wide variety of songs.  If you are looking for one song or many,               we would like to help honor your loved one or community.

Musical Gifts

    Virtual Musical Experiences give you the opportunity to give the gift of music.  These experiences         are personalized and can range from 15 to 90 minutes.  This is the perfect gift for the holidays or         a birthday or just to let someone know you are thinking of them.  No limit to number of                        participants.  These experiences are done via Zoom, FaceTime, Facebook, Skype, or other online            platform of your choice.  Price varies based on duration of experience requested.  Contact us for            more details.  


Adapted Lessons

     Adapted Voice:  Singing is a wonderfully therapeutic experience but traditional voice lessons
may not be appropriate for any number of reasons.  When this is the case, a music therapist can be a great resource to teach voice lessons to those needing extra patience or other considerations.  We help disabled persons learn to use their voice.

    Adapted Piano:  Whether you have noticed your disabled child improvising at the piano or                       your loved one with dementia trying to find the notes they used to know, adapted piano lessons          can be of therapeutic value for those with a disability.  Please contact us for more information.

    Adapted Ukulele: Sometimes the guitar is not quite right for everyone, but the ukulele offers a                  different range of therapeutic uses.  We help people with disabilities learn this great                              instrument.

    Adapted Guitar:  If you are looking for someone with a little extra patience to teach you beginning
guitar, a Music Therapist is a great option.  We help disable persons learn to play this amazing instrument.  

Traditional Lessons

    Voice:  Emily and Amanda both  teach voice lessons for anyone 11 years of age or older.  Whether             you are a beginner or have had more vocal training, we can help further your voice.  We accept             students of any voice range.

    Piano: If you have always wanted to learn to play piano but have never felt ready, now is the                     time.  Amanda teaches piano lessons to both children and adults.  

    Ukulele:  The ukulele is a fun instrument to learn and is a great choice for a small child, adult, or             anyone in between.  Amanda or Emily would love to teach you this versatile instrument.  

    Beginning Guitar:  We are excited to introduce you to the guitar and welcome students 5 years                 and older.