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Internship Information

***This is a University Affiliated internship***

Internship Site:

            Omaha Music Therapy LLC

            Omaha, NE 68144



Site Director:

            Emily R Wadhams, MT-BC

            Music Therapist-Board Certified

            Hospice Palliative Care Music Therapist

            Omaha Music Therapy LLC, Owner




Population Served:



            Developmental Delays

            Children and Adults


            Down Syndrome

            School age/Special Education

            Well adults

            Trauma Survivors


Entry Level Requirements:

                Applicants must be able to demonstrate a clear singing voice, competent guitar and piano skills (sing a number of songs while accompanying self), clear speaking voice, understanding of a variety of populations, good written communication, professional attire, professional demeanor in all situations, punctuality.    

                Requirements to be evaluated through application, audition, interview, review of references from MT professor and one other of student’s choice, review of transcripts, participation in interview session with real clients.

                Intern must provide his/her own reliable car and insurance, liability insurance, and background check. 


Internship experience will include:

The intern will work with a number of different populations in a variety of settings (Alzheimer’s patients, hospice patients, school children, adults with disabilities).  He or She will lead groups (when available) as well as individual sessions.  The intern will travel to patient’s homes and treat in the office of Omaha Music Therapy LLC.   During COVID 19 precautions, the intern will complete most duties via Zoom, FaceTime, or other online platforms.  He or she will learn treatment planning, writing goals/objectives, learning the value of self-care, consultation with other staff and family members (OT, PT, SLPs, RNs, Teachers, Chaplains, parents, etc), and preparing presentations.  He/she will complete the internship in approximately 9-12 months, working 20-30 hours/week. 

When the internship is complete, the intern will have an understanding of what it means to run a private practice, including: billing, scheduling, finding clients, giving presentations, taxes, etc.  The intern will feel confident in applying for music therapy positions or in building a private practice. 

                 The internship will initially begin with a lot of collaboration/observation with the supervising music therapist and her team but will gradually lead to independence in the field.  The intern will do outside work and assignments beyond the time spent with the clients.  

                 This internship includes outside assignments

  • develop a resume and cover letter
  • write a music therapy presentation (both generalized and for a specific population) and present one of them
  • write sample goals/objectives for a variety of populations,
  • observe 2 other music therapists working with different populations and observing non-MT professionals as they interact with clients
  • put together a songbook of relevant music for clients
  • present at least twice on music therapy 
  • create a website
  • learn sign language and be able to incorporate into sessions
  • create a list of strategies and activities to use with clients
  • write a job description
  • read assigned texts (“Carly’s Voice” by Arthur Fleishman, “Being Mortal” by Atul Gawande, “Far from the Tree” by Andrew Soloman and others)
  • take an ethics course on appropriate use of the internet in music therapy
  • self care practice
  •  create a song for the book “My Heart Fills With Happiness”
  • Create a glossary of medical terms

Professional staff:

            The intern will work with the supervising music therapist, teachers, para-professionals, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Nurses, Chaplains, and Social Workers as well as client’s loved ones. 


On-Site Student Training Programs:

            Omaha Music Therapy LLC occasionally has a practicum student or student observer.  Some of the contracts with which the company works train medical students and nursing students. 


On-Site professional educational programs:

            There are ongoing training opportunities in town.  OMT LLC will help the intern to find these and encourage participation when appropriate. 


Other Information:

            Stipend available—Yes.  Varies. (NA until the second half of the internship)

            Meals—not provided

            Insurance—not provided, but intern is required to obtain his/her own student liability insurance

            Housing—not provided


            A background check (including driving record) will be administered. 

            Covid-19 Vaccination and booster (when eligible) are required.

***Submit all materials to ewadhams@omahamusictherapy.com***

Emily Wadhams,
Dec 4, 2020, 9:21 AM
Emily Wadhams,
Dec 4, 2020, 9:24 AM
Emily Wadhams,
Dec 4, 2020, 9:24 AM