About the Therapists

   Emily R. Wadhams, MT-BC, Owner

Emily is a Board Certified Music Therapist (MT-BC)
and has a certification in Hospice Palliative Care Music Therapy (HPMT)

I've been fortunate to work in a private practice setting since I completed my training in 2003.  I have provided treatment to a variety of patients, including individuals and groups: special education in classrooms, autism or cerebral palsy in living rooms, Alzheimer’s groups in nursing homes, and cancer patients in hospital rooms.

After completing my music therapy internship in Denton, TX and immediately passing my board certification exam, I was the sole music therapist in three school districts in the Dallas area for a number of years.  I worked with a wide range of ability levels and a variety of diagnoses present in special education.  In groups and individual sessions, I was responsible for assessment, treatment planning, consultation with staff, ongoing evaluation, implementing Individual Education Program (IEP) goals, writing goals and objectives, and discontinuing services when necessary.  In the evenings, I saw individual clients in their homes. 

In the summer of 2006, I relocated to San Jose, CA and began work for a hospice company.  As one of two music therapists at this company, it was my job to assess clients, implement treatment plans, consult with nursing staff, keep detailed documentation for each patient, consult with families, play at funerals, increase quality of life, counsel grieving families, assist families in interactions with patient, help clients with pain management (both physical and emotional), and discontinue services when appropriate.  I added on a few Alzheimer's groups and some individual clients, including one recovering from a stroke and a classroom full of energetic high school special education students.  In 2011, I completed my certification in Hospice Palliative Care Music Therapy (HPMT).

In the fall of 2012, my husband and I decided it was time to move back to the Omaha area.  Omaha Music Therapy has serv
ed Omaha and the surrounding areas ever since.  I decided it was time to expand OMT in the summer of 2018 and officially changed to a LLC.  I welcomed Amanda Hawes to my team in the summer of 2018.

You can e-mail Emily directly at ewadhams@omahamusictherapy.com

                Amanda Hawes, MME, MT-BC, RBT

Amanda is a Board Certified Music Therapist (MT-BC), 
a Registered Behavioral Therapist (RBT), 
and holds a Masters degree in Music Education (MME).

I graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a bachelors in Psychology and minor in music in 2010. After graduation, I worked with adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities in the community. My music therapy journey began in 2012 when I started the master’s equivalency program for music therapy at the University of Kansas. While there, I worked in memory care, language acquisition preschools, and with clients with intellectual disabilities and adolescents with mental health needs. Following course work, I completed an internship at Marillac Children’s Psych hospital where I worked with children and adolescents with mental health needs in both long and short term care. I worked with groups as well as individuals, providing music therapy to help reach their treatment goals.

After internship, I passed my music therapy boards exam and began work immediately in Northwest Indiana. I worked as a music therapist in a behavior therapy clinic. My clients were primarily those diagnosed with intellectual disabilities, and ranged in ages, diagnoses and needs. I provided assessments, weekly sessions and programming, attended team meetings, and completed quarterly reports.  During our time in Indiana, my husband and I started our family. We loved the area and my job, but knew we wanted to get back to our family in Nebraska. 

My family moved to Omaha in the fall of 2017. During this time, I had been working at Munroe-Meyer Institute, providing ABA therapy in early intervention to children diagnosed with autism. I assisted with goal and program writing, with intakes and assessments, provided daily programming and weekly supervision meetings with teams and families. I am so pleased to be able to return to music therapy, and am adding so much more knowledge thanks to my year at MMI. I am looking forward to getting to know better the community that is now my home! 

You can e-mail Amanda directly at ahawes@omahamusictherapy.com

                        Emily Ann Erhardt, Intern

I am currently an undergraduate student at Augsburg University in Minneapolis, Minnesota. To finish my degree requirements, I need to complete an internship with a board-certified music therapist. I have had the wonderful opportunity to begin my internship at Omaha Music Therapy LLC in the Fall of 2019.

I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of clinical settings throughout my time at Augsburg. I have worked with many populations and individuals consisting of: a group of transgender adolescents, a large group of kids ages 6-18 recovering from burns in China, and I have worked in multiple daycare facilities with typically developed children and children with severe autism. These incredible opportunities allowed me to grow into the future music therapist I am today.

My goals and interests for this fall is to help all people to the best of my ability, keep an open mind and an accepting soul, and to continue to grow and learn from my supervisors, the clients, and from the experiences that I will delve into.

I’m very excited to begin working at Omaha Music Therapy where I can gain more clinical experience, expand my knowledge regarding this beautiful profession, and where I can continue to grow as a student, future professional, and as a human being.

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"I was born with music inside me. Music was one of my parts, like my ribs, my kidneys,  my liver, my heart.  Like my blood.  It was a force already within me  when I arrived on the scene. It was a necessity for me --like food or water."